Here is the deal.

It’s been a while since our last blog post – so it’s time to offer you the new reinvention message.

And it is supposed to be cheery, uplifting, and inspiring (all the things we’ve become known for).

But the problem is – I am just not feeling it.

I came home from Florida late last night after an intense MasterClass at the annual Change Management conference.

The session was great and the people were amazing, especially since we worked on a very difficult and honest issue of staying relevant (as so often change managers are NOT).

And the feedback was through the roof. All the reasons to celebrate, right?

But today I am tired, overwhelmed, and restless.

And that’s completely OK.

In the world where positivity is trending and a Google search for “positive culture” produces 694 million (!!!) results, it’s time for us to have an honest conversation about all things positive.

Yes, there was an era when both science and business neglected the power of positive emotions and positive results – paying attention only to what’s not working.

But that time is long gone – and it seems that we have swung that imaginary pendulum way too far.

ALL emotions in our personal and professional life are crucial.

All have a function.

All represent a potential resource.

The secret to reclaiming their power is to shift from POSITIVE to APPRECIATIVE.

And those two are NOT the same.

Covering up your anxiety, frustration or anger with positive spin is not the same as appreciating what you are feeling – and using it as valuable feedback or a surge of energy.

Defusing the conflict with your customer with fake positivity is not the same as appreciating the passionate reaction and genuinely learning from it.

Branding your next big transformation effort with excessive positivity in an attempt to prevent resistance to change is NOT the same as honoring the confusion, unease, and frustration that is inherent in ANY reinvention.

So, today I invite you to honor whatever emotion that is bubbling up – and explore what might a shift from positive to appreciative look like in your organization.

Our most recent Reinvention LIVE might help you do just that:

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