WE EXIST Reinvention Agency

About Us

Organizations as large as The Coca-Cola Company and as small as a local start-up hire us to help them reinvent themselves and the world around them.

Made up entirely of practicing executives and consultants with decades of experience, the team of WE EXIST helps you take the very best of what you have in terms of product, process, skill, resources, and business model, and find even better ways of using them. This approach to reinvention allows you to transform unexpected challenges into opportunities, riding the waves of change rather than being crushed by them.

Only 30% of all change and reinvention efforts worldwide reach the goals set by the organization attempting to change. To date, WE EXIST Reinvention Agency has a 100% success rate.

We select an extremely limited number of new clients to work with each year. When we engage on a project, we do not "consult" or "advice", but partner with you and your company end-to-end to deliver results, which require significant commitment on our part. We are currently not accepting new clients. However, if you are looking for a speaker for your event or need a thinking partner to coach you through a project, contact us - we will try our best to support you, or, at minimum, happy to suggest another provider!

Our Clients


Nadya Zhexembayeva,
Chief Reinvention Officer

A true lover of business, a recovering academic, and the idea engine of WE EXIST, Nadya co-founded the agency to…

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Vladimir Jernovoi,
Chief Executive Officer

After 13 years in engineering, logistics, and retail industries, Vladimir put his MBA knowledge to a test and co-founded WE…

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Ina Kukovič Borovnik
Chief Development Officer

A reinventor by heart and doing. She started out as a lawyer, became a social entrepreneur in China to answer…

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Irina Gubar,
Chief Coaching Officer

Irina Gubar is an international learning and development specialist, a senior leadership advisor and a coach with 16 years of…

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Mark Levy,
Chief Positioning Officer

With clients that include Simon Sinek, David Meerman Scott, the CEOs of major companies, and New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling…

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OUR Partners


Using tools like websites, email marketing, and social media, Out:think builds platforms that help engage with an audience and build a following around business ideas.

From developing strategy and communicating it to the team to training employees how to do it without any help, PRESIUM is a one-stop-shop for your strategy, communication, and innovation needs.

What We Do

Reinvent Yourself

  • Custom-made business coaching
  • Personal brand and positioning development
  • Advanced leadership skill development
  • Power and politics skill development
  • "Find your real voice" communications skills development

Reinvent Your Company

  • Skill-building workshops
  • Corporate reinvention projects
  • Strategy development facilitation
  • Custom-made leadership development program
  • Keynote speaking

Reinvent the World

  • "Beyond green" corporate consulting
  • Public-private partnership facilitation
  • Intergovernmental and non-profit project support
  • Think-tank development
  • Forums and conferences design and facilitation