Do you ever feel like we’re going back in time? 

I had that feeling the other day when Lila, my 15-year old, DEMANDED that I get her a bucket hat and a fanny pack.

A fanny pack as a fashion statement? When did we get back to the nineties??? 

Frankly, it was not my most glorious fashion era. 

So, while I’m not so sure about resurrecting all those fashion trends – especially those low rise jeans – here’s what I am sure about: some staff from our past does deserve to come back. 

So, we are bringing back our own “oldies” – the best of Chief Reinvention Officer videos!

You see, we’re on our annual summer break in Europe, but we wanted you to have something special to watch while we’re gone.

In fact, this email contains the 3 videos you MUST see!

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, a kick in the butt  ;))), or some hard-hitting tactics to bring you closer to your dreams… we got you covered:

Want to rally your troops around a common purpose but don’t know how? 

Having a hard time surviving change – or inspiring your team to develop a healthier relationship to change?

Think you are not capable of reinventing?

Brand new videos on Chief Reinvention Officer channel will come soon – but until then keep upping your reinvention game.

Because the world really does need your ideas, knowledge, and skillset that only YOU have.

P.S. We are testing a NEW TOOL – a diagnostic that helps you assess if you and your organization is suffering from Titanic Syndrome.

This disease killed many companies – so check out if you are at risk now>>  #wegotyoucovered

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