I am sure you know the feeling.

You are doing your job.

You see something in your company (team, organization, family, community) that can be improved, renewed, reinvented.

You are ready to make it happen.

But you have absolutely NO budget to get things done. What are you to do?

For many of us, reinvention is a VERY expensive effort.

Brainstorming, organizing, collaborating, executing – all of it requires resources.

Whether you work in a big corporation and simply cannot find a budget for yet another pricy tool, or you are in a small business and trying to stretch every dollar (euro or yen), I feel your pain!

For a number of years, we have worked on creating a vault of resources, tools, and solutions that can make a REAL difference in a reinvention effort WITHOUT financial investment (time and effort are still required).

Among my personal favorite FREE tools are:

1. For many years TrendWatching has provided me and our entire team with a fresh perspective on the key consumer trends that shape the reality of the entire economy, society, and our civilization at large.

SO, I cannot imagine preparing any Reinvention Lab without their quarterly reports – and they come absolutely free

2. Reinvention is a collaborative effort – but what a difficult task that is! Scheduling a simple call takes A LOT of back-and-forth emails and endless miscommunications. 

Our solution? Run a Doodle poll. While the company offers paid plans, a simple poll – which allows you to figure out when everyone can meet – is a free option.

Simply click “Create a Doodle” in the upper right corner, and off you go to the la-la end of painless coordination.

3. Now, time to get personal.

I have a problem.
I hate concentration – and lose it in no time especially if I am working on something difficult (like writing the June edition of our living book, “Titanic Syndrome.”)

It all starts with a good intention.
I sit in front of a computer.
I start writing.
I get frustrated with an inability to express myself clearly.
I open Facebook.
30 minutes later…

Sounds familiar?
This is where SelfControl comes in!!!
Created for Mac users, this FREE app allows me to block any site that might distract me (for a set period of time).

SO, no matter how much I want to look at the latest memes, the system keeps me focused.
And writing happens!

Now, you might be wondering why I am sharing all these amazing resources and offering absolutely no links.

The answer is simple: we have put together an amazing one-stop resource for all FREE reinvention tools – and they are waiting for you to download:

If you have already downloaded this treasure trove of resources, please let me know what tool or resource you like the most – and what tools seem to be missing.

Our hope is to keep this library growing – so if you have a resource to add, direct it our way!

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