You know that horrible feeling.

You’re working hard: trying to improve things, bring results, do the right thing.

But you feel like you’re stuck. 

Your company is resisting.

Your customers keep changing on you.

Your competitors are throwing you curveballs left and right.

Your suppliers don’t get on board.

And now the upcoming recession is all over the news.

You keep pedaling and pushing but don’t get any closer to the desired outcome. 

You feel exhausted, frustrated, and alone. And it keeps getting worse and worse.

Why is this happening . . . and how can you move forward without closing your eyes and waiting for things to “magically” get better?

That was exactly what drove our team as we committed to writing “Titanic Syndrome: Why Companies Sink and How to Reinvent Your Way Out of Any Business Disaster.”

We wanted to make sure you have an easy-to-follow toolkit that will help you deal with today’s challenges – while ALSO preparing you for tomorrow’s.

We decided to use business as the main example, but the EXACT same lessons apply to your team, your non-profit, your family, your career.

And today we’re releasing a new edition of the book! Can you believe it is our 4th EDITION of Titanic Syndrome? Neither can we!

That’s right: the fourth edition of Titanic Syndrome – our living digital book – ishere!!!

For this edition of Titanic Syndrome, we put EVEN MORE effort into developing practical, easy-to-implement and ready-to-use tools under WHAT and HOW sections of the book. The new additions might be my absolute favorites that I use with most of my clients.  Here are what they are:

1. Reinvention Map: 15 Ways to Reinvent Your Business 

For many companies, reinvention doesn’t come easy. I get it. The most common issue where I find my clients being stuck is making a decision on what to reinvent first, where to start and why? If this is something that holds you back, I have good news for you.

The Reinvention Map with 15 ways to reinvent your business are here to be explored, tested, and developed. Altogether, 15 unique starting points for reinvention across 5 different areas of value creation — Why, What, Who, Where, and How — can also be combined into endless hard-to-imitate solutions for a true competitive advantage.

There is no excuses on what you can reinvent next with this list of ideas! 

2. STELLAR Strategy Model with Improved & Scalable Canvas 

Years ago while working with particularly difficult reinvention cases, we couldn’t find a model that was pragmatic and tangible enough to fit the needs of a real business in real life.

Instead of looking at strategy as a fixed rigid plan, we needed to create a format and a process that allows for continuous reinvention. But nothing that was available on the market fitted the needs. So, we decided to invent our own tool.

That’s how our STELLAR Strategy Model was brought to life. Consisting of a set of questions to use along with a canvas, this approach allows you to go through a sequence of decisions (sometimes iteratively) that allow you to launch and maintain a new strategic process. 

3. An UPGRADED set of business model reinvention cards – per your requests, we added 10 more cards completed with spelled-out exercises to do on your own, with a small team or in a large gathering – so you can play around with even more reinvention options.

Each of the 25 cards features a unique business model and two successful examples from real life. Browse through the cards on your screen, or print them out, cut them up, and work through the exercises one at a time. Either way, you’re guaranteed to come up with new ideas:

This book is here to make you unstoppable.

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