August always hits me like a ton of bricks.

The summer vacation is nearly over.

The team is getting back together to plan the upcoming 2-months sprint.

4th edition of our crazy living book “Titanic Syndrome” is dropping in a few weeks.

There is a TON of work to do.

Where did the summer go?

In our business (and our family) this month is the REAL start of the new year.

And to start a new working year, it always helps to revisit the fundamentals.

What’s reinvention? Just a new term for re-branding or something deeper?

Why do we need to reinvent ourselves and our business every 3.5 years?

And what in the world is “Titanic Syndrome”?

And that’s exactly what the subject of THIS podcast episode recorded for the World-wide #1 Fortune 500 Podcast by Dov Baron.

Listen now (or download for tonight’s drive home):

[Almost] ready to start a new year? 
Let’s make it a big one!

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    Im from Indonesia, may I join your survey?

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