What’s your company purpose? How about your own?

These are big intense questions, aren’t they?

Yet, talk after talk, article after article demand that we figure out the answer – now!

But why?
And even more challenging – how?
How do we find a purpose for a business or an organization that is not exactly in the “save the world” category?

Good news: our latest Chief Reinvention Officer video is here to help you with this big task.

And here is the secret: it all goes back to biology.

Not sociology. Not psychology.
None of the vudu new-age kumbaya-singing stuff.
Just cold facts that dictate the way our bodies work – that translates directly into your company’s profitability and your personal productivity.

Science is clear: our biology responds differently to different motivators.

Put an extrinsic motivator in front of me (think money) – and the stress response is here limiting the blood flow to my brain.

Offer an intrinsic motivator (think meaning and purpose) – and you are in the flow of productivity.

And here comes the real breakthrough: that sense of meaning does not have to be all about big Earth-shattering ideas (no, we are not all curing cancer or flying to the moon)!

As the example of a retailer REI shows, sometimes all you need is a bit of imagination and an occasional bold move.


I hope the new season of our YouTube show gives you a fresh boost ))).

Let me know – does the new format work? How about the length? Topic?

Your feedback lets our entire team know if we are on the right track 😉

And more videos are coming soon – shot them right before departing for a 4-week business trip 😉

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