You most likely know that our online course, BREAKTHROUGH REINVENTION, is open for enrollment.

You might’ve also noticed that for the last few weeks I’ve been raving about our free online Masterclass on Three Secrets of Protecting Your Organization (and Yourself) from Incoming Disruptions in 2019 and Beyond – hoping my promise of genuine goodness would get you to participate.

It looks like you didn’t believe me.

And I get it: SO many invitations to such events say that “no purchase expected,” but there is no such thing as the free cheese, right?

So, if my words don’t do the trick, hope somebody else’s will:

This Masterclass is a chance to test-run the very first course we offer as a part of Reinvention Academy – but our goal is so much bigger than selling anything.

If you get one good idea out of it, one tool – we all win.

No purchase necessary.

And there are still 2 masterclasses remaining this week – so, grab your chance and use it to the fullest 😉

And if that 4-week online program does sound appealing,  but you know for a fact you absolutely cannot swing the investment, I have something for you, too.

(To be clear: I completely get it! I don’t want anyone joining our program to experience financial hardship as a result.)

I’m thrilled to announce that we’re giving away FIVE 100% free scholarships to BREAKTHROUGH REINVENTION, plus several bonuses ($2,697 value)!!!

Applications are open from today until 3:00PM US EST on Wednesday, September 25th. (To make sure you don’t miss this bus, use this service to check what time it is in your time zone!)

My team and I will personally be reviewing all of your submissions and selecting five lucky winners on Thursday, September 26th!

Wanna apply – or have somebody who can REALLY benefit from this opportunity? Here’s how:

1) Go to ONE of the three social media channels of your choice (entries from the same person will be treated as a single entry):

FACEBOOK Scholarship Announcement or INSTAGRAM Scholarship Announcement or LinkedIN Scholarship Announcement

2) Follow or like the social media page you’ve chosen (and of course, you can always like both of our channels ))))

3) Under the announcement, submit your 100-word answer to the contest question: What is ONE thing you want to reinvent the most and why? No submissions over 100 words will be considered, so get creative! 

4) Get most likes for your submission from the community as it will be among the top-three deciding factors for our team! (Feel free to get some help from your friends and colleagues – or family – I hope they will be inspired by your answer.)

Annnnd that’s it!

If you’re entering, my biggest tip for you is: just remember to have fun and speak from the heart.

I absolutely can’t wait to read your post – or see you share it with your child, student, or younger colleague who simply must get reinvention skills now to survive the turbulent world we are facing!

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