I am not going to lie.

Seeing headlines like this one make me cringe:

There is no question that we are due for a good crisis.

After all, just like nature’s seasons, the global economy is cyclical – and we’ve been in the longest period of growth since 1854.

It’s time for a recession.
It’s not a matter of “if.”
After a long summer, winter IS coming.

So, the real question is not whether recession and disruption are knocking on our door.

The real question is: How do we prepare? 

To answer this question, my team and I went through tons of research that looked in-depth at the lessons learned from the past.

What we discovered (with no surprise) is that in the last economic recessions about 17% of all publicly traded companies did not survive.

What was, however, surprising – and very exciting – is that about 9% of the companies not only survived, but THRIVED.

In other words, if you roll up your sleeves and use the upcoming recession as your reinvention launchpad, you CAN come out on top.

So, how can we make sure you are not in the bottom 17% – but in the top 9%?

That’s exactly the subject of today’s video – with 3 specific lessons for you and your company – packed into 8 powerful minutes:

Naturally, there are many more PRACTICAL steps you can take and SECRETS you can unpack.

And that’s why throughout September we are hosting another round of our FREE LIVE ONLINE MasterClasses.

“The Three Behind-the-ScenesSecrets for Protecting Your Company and Yourself from Incoming Disruptions in 2019 and Beyond” MasterClasses are:
– hour-long
– live (no pre-recording here!!!)
– online (join from anywhere)
– focusing on specific cases you can borrow from and hands-on tools you can use.

Since the world is moving SO fast, we decided to stop a few times a year and give you NEW insights, NEW data, and NEW cases – along with specific tools you can use to get yourself and your company ready for any disruption that is coming your way.

Three dates are available for you to choose from – so grab your spot and make sure to bring your team, as well:

Sending you my big warm hello and see you at the MasterClasses – those real-time Q&A sessions are the best!

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