Today started with an interesting turn.

I just fired a client.

Yes, I mean it – and I did not misspeak. 

I was not fired BY the client – I actually fired the client myself.

The client has done everything to lose it’s best people – and now it is losing external reinforcements like our team as well.

Sounds familiar?

Last week we’ve held a reunion for the very first cohort of our mindblowing Breakthrough Reinvention course (Look at these happy faces !!! Love you guys!!!)

During the call, the amazing professionals shared their own reinvention challenges and the wins they are making through thick and thin.

One of the hard-hitting stories was about a potential employer behaving so off-putting that our brave reinventor is re-considering her desire to join the company after just one meeting – and BEFORE there’s an offer on the table.

Companies are losing people left and right – current employees, potential employees, long term partners.

So, what CAN we do to retain our best people?

To answer this question, we bring you a brand-new reinvention video.

I hope you will use it as an excuse to have a real and honest conversation with your team, your companies, your partners.

Don’t wait until the relationship is irreparable – reinvent ahead of the crisis:

And that’s our reinvention idea of this week.

Look forward to hearing YOUR advice on how to retain your best people – post this video on social media and tag me so that I can share your advice with others.

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