Are you ready to model?

Before you imagine yourself on a runway showing off the latest fashion trends, let me stop you with an answer.

YES, you are!

Because (hold your excitements or fears steady….) I am talking about business modeling.

Only a few years ago most us (myself included) had to google what in the world a business model is.

Emerged as the big idea of the 21st century, a business model suggests that anything in business (and life) can be imagined as a sort of LEGO set where value creation is built out of different building blocks.

And here comes the real breakthrough.

Those block can be arranged in an infinite amount of combinations – creating more value in the process.

All it takes for us to deeply understand what value is – and what blocks are available for our creative combinations.

Sounds simple, right?

Yet, even today, very few people are comfortable with the idea of business model reinvention.

Most of the time, it is perceived as the untouchable mystical ability of the few chosen business gurus.

So, it is time to change this false narrative.

Claiming YOUR business modeling powers and getting exceptionally comfortable with the idea of constantly reinventing how value is created makes you untouchable and unstoppable in our constantly changing business reality.

Business modeling skill is crucial for the life of your company (regardless of your position, function, or place in the hierarchy).

Equally so, applying the lenses of different models to yourself as an individual – and the value you create – can give you new ideas for how to show up and succeed in your life. 

So, let me show you an example.

I have written a number of books in the past, so when it was time to write the new book – Titanic Syndrome – my team and I first considered the traditional route:

But was there a better way to deliver value?

Most books take 3-5 years to publish from the start of the research to the placement on the shelf, so most “hot of the press” books you are reading today are already outdated.

For a book about the speed of change, that simply would not do.

SO, what other business models might work better?

To answer this question, we grabbed our own deck of Business Model Reinvention Cards and went on a hunt:

Two different cards – and two different business models – gave us a fresh idea.

What if we created a digital book – and sell it online?

And how about giving away part of it for free – charging for only some “premium” content?

Voila, a business book, reinvented!!!

I hope this example brings it home for you.

No matter what product or service – including the job you do as an individual – business modeling can help you reimagine, redesign, and reinvent it all.

All you need is to play with the blocks – and come up with a new combination that delivers more value or same value in a better way.

If you have not yet downloaded our FREE Business Model Reinvention Cards, grab your copy and get experimenting:

You might be surprised what this new modeling gig can do for you 😉

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