You probably know the story of Titanic.

It’s a story of big words: the greatest ship ever built, the unsinkable one, the most luxurious one.

But have you ever thought about connecting the dots between the story of Titanic and so many businesses today?

At the moment the famous liner hit the iceberg, none of the big words mattered. Everything happened fast and it appeared the ship crew was nowhere near ready to handle the crisis.

History repeats itself.

Again and again, the Titans of businesses sink to the bottom of the economic ocean.

Digital, millennials, new regulation, fierce competition, political turmoil or the rise of AI – the waves of change are crashing from all sides.

What should you do?

Are you ready?

Why is the Titanic Syndrome a threat to every 21st-century company?

And does your company have the Titanic Syndrome?

You can find the answers in the very first living business book.

This book is about the speed of change – and how to survive.

It is about getting ready for the next big crisis (yes, it is coming, the market is always cyclical, and we’ve been growing for too many years).

It is about growth.



Welcome to “Titanic Syndrome : Why Companies Sink and How to Reinvent Your Way Out of Any Business Disaster”!!!

This book will help you build resilience within your business.

When you pay for the book, you get much more than just a book, you are bound to a life-time support on reinvention.

Here is how it works:

    • We will update the book every quarter with new cases and new material. Essentially this means you will receive a new book a few times a year.
    • The book gives you access to analytical tools designed to identify “Titanic Syndrome” within your organization.
  • Conversation and community that can support your next reinvention effort.

Be ready when you see the iceberg.

All it takes is seconds to disaster.

Get a copy of the book now 😉 

And…while you are waiting for the book to download, you can start reinventing the world right now.

Spread the news about the book and giving other business-owners and corporate changemakers a chance to survive in the fast-paced reality of business.

Share the images attached to this post on your social media and with your fellow partners, colleagues, and friends.

It could be the very solution they need to save their business from going under.


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