For many years, most of our efforts went to help companies and their leaders with the WHY of reinvention.

Why reinvention? 
Why not innovation?
Why now?

Every event, every boardroom meeting, every project, and every classroom would demand that at least 50% of our time was spent on these questions.

We debated research results.
Argued over the trends.
Got defensive over the past experiences and successes.

But this Spring something has shifted.

In April we launched our first-ever online course, “Breakthrough Reinvention,” with business leaders from Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland, South Africa,  UK, and the US taking their reinvention skills to the next level.

In May we ran our traditional face-to-face ExecEd course “Leadership and the Art of Reinvention” in Cleveland.

And both times “Why reinvention matters?” was no longer the question.

It seems that by now most of us not only see but feel with our own skin the obvious answers:

– that the shrinking lifecycles of products, companies, and even civilizations mean that we need to re-think the way we live, work, and flourish;

– that “hold on tight and wait until it blows over and all will go back to business-as-usual” no longer works;

– that the speed and volatility of change make reinvention the only viable survival option.

So, it’s time. Time to move from WHY to WHAT and HOW.

What does reinvention look like?
How do we make it work?
What tools and resources can we use?

And that’s exactly the subject of our new video.

In this 5-minute blitz, I share 3 different business reinvention stories that show you the range of WHAT’s possible. I hope they will serve as an inspiration – and can’t wait to hear about the cases you are loving right now:

Reinvention is the art and science of embracing change and turning it into a true business opportunity.

So, it’s time to get granular – and go deep with the WHAT can be done in your specific company, industry, geography. If you have another good story, send it my way!

And next week it will all be about the big HOW.

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