A few years ago, a celebrity chef opened a pizza place near my house.

I’m not really a “celebrity chef” kind of person because I don’t tend to care if someone uses artesian water or features a special salt menu instead of the regular stuff.

But, I love me a good old pizza…  …so my husband, our 15-year-old daughter Lila and I went to check the place out.

As we looked over the menu, we were hopeful. No weird ingredients, but the prices sent all the right signals. The pizza was about four times as much as a standard pizza, so surely they were going to rock our worlds.

When our pizza came out, it looked the part.

But… the taste was disappointing.

It wasn’t bad… but it wasn’t great… it was just a pizzaAnd that was EXACTLY the issue.

There was nothing to justify the higher price. The celebrity chef just decided that he “could” charge more, so he did. 

This isn’t just a celebrity-chef phenomenon. 

A lot of strategy, innovation, and change consultants act like celebrity chefs…

When I first started working with a world of reinvention, I figured there had to be a source of good, affordable frameworks and tools my clients could use.

When I went looking… what I found scared the hell out of me. 

Consultants charge thousands ($$$!!!) for one strategy/innovation/change management workshop or a license to a tool without a proper explanation of how to adapt it to the real world…

No. Just. No.

Let’s be clear. For complex cases of hands-on reinvention, I definitely do charge “celebrity chef” pricing (after all, I love my amazing long-term clients).

Or I could name-drop the big-name businesses who love my work, just so I could charge you a ton of money.

But that’s not how I roll.

I spent much of my career behind closed doors of fancy boardrooms or exclusive Executive Education classrooms.

So, I’m sick and tired of seeing amazing corporate leaders, consultants, entrepreneurs “go without” because it seems too expensive… only to end up sinking upside down to the bottom of the economic ocean.

Affordability and radical inclusiveness are parts of my why… so no celebrity-chef pricing here.

Nope. You can grab my  “Titanic Syndrome” living book for just $19. Fresh, out-of-the-oven edition is here!

Getting reinvention tools doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Our framework, concepts, and tools make it quick, easy, and affordable to get your moving.

They come with easy-to-follow instructions that show you exactly how to customize them for YOUR business.

That way… you can get started on developing your reinvention muscles easily and focus on building your amazing business!

Grab the book “Titanic Syndrome” now. It’s the 4th edition, so tons of new stuff is waiting for you.

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